Very Behind…

I’m behind in writing. We’ve been to Big Bend, NM, Tucson, Oceanside and now Cayucos. I have a massive post about Big Bend pending and it slightly stresses me out. I want to post it but if I don’t, this is me saying the timeline is about to get out of order. Or, I never post again. We will see.

4 thoughts on “Very Behind…”

  1. We are on the road too Josh, in Tucson for a bit and then heading to Cali., so watching your photos and locations. We are trying to follow dude ranch’s to hang out on horses through the dusty trails. Love the smell of manure, dusty dry eyes, and saddle sores. The hip rocking on a ride helps me walk better believe it or not.
    Love to all –
    Miss Sheree

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