The Playlist

Posting about California is next, but I want to break up those two magic months into smaller posts. Before I do, how about a musical interlude?

I still have the first CD I ever burned. It was late, we were at this kid Jonas’s house. Love for Radiohead and Weezer started with this disc. 90s alternative still makes me happy. High and Dry. Sweater Song. Faith (covered Limp Bizkit, of course).

Today, we don’t cart CDs around in plastic cases or books the size of ancient texts or, for the special 10, the sleeve above your car’s sun visor. Spotify makes it easy to make playlists (and avoid nasty P2P viruses) for all occasions. Like traveling the country for eight months.

Except for See the World by Brett Dennen, the song that has become our journey’s theme song that we start each new adventure with, everything is in chronological order – from Kent, CT to Santa Fe where I find myself typing out this post. Some relate to the area we were in. Some were new tracks at the time. Others I simply enjoy and, if you give it a listen, I hope you do as well.

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