Last Day Santa Fe

On Mother’s Day, we ate lunch on a cobblestone alley at a cafe in Taos, NM – next to artist shops, a bookstore where Lucy bought a book that came with a dragon tooth (or a dragon tooth that came with a book), and a place that sold rocks (there are a lot of places… Continue reading Last Day Santa Fe

The Playlist

Posting about California is next, but I want to break up those two magic months into smaller posts. Before I do, how about a musical interlude? I still have the first CD I ever burned. It was late, we were at this kid Jonas’s house. Love for Radiohead and Weezer started with this disc. 90s… Continue reading The Playlist

Saguaro National Park

The drive from Las Cruces to Oceanside was too great to make in one day, so we camped one night in the stunning Saguaro National Park outside Tucson, AZ. We initially didn’t get the pronunciation correct. Sa Gar O isn’t right and sounds terrible with my nasally midwestern accent. Suh Waa Row. It’s a nice word, give… Continue reading Saguaro National Park

Marfa (Big Bend to NM)

It’s the shortest days that can feel the longest. I bet there’s a scientific reason for that. Like how during COVID every day has felt like a Tuesday. Science should be able to explain that too. We left Big Bend on a Sunday. Tucked away loose objects in Phoebe the Trailer and said goodbye to… Continue reading Marfa (Big Bend to NM)

Two Days in Big Bend National Park with Two Kids (and two adults, we didn’t send the kids alone)

“I was expecting a lot more big clocks” was the joke that received more mileage than it should have as we hiked (and drove) our way through the vast and quiet Big Bend National Park. Everyone will tell you to stay in Chisos Basin and everyone is right. But, Chisos Basin was booked until the… Continue reading Two Days in Big Bend National Park with Two Kids (and two adults, we didn’t send the kids alone)

Very Behind…

I’m behind in writing. We’ve been to Big Bend, NM, Tucson, Oceanside and now Cayucos. I have a massive post about Big Bend pending and it slightly stresses me out. I want to post it but if I don’t, this is me saying the timeline is about to get out of order. Or, I never… Continue reading Very Behind…

Getting to Big Bend

Big Bend is remote. Reeeemote (emphasis worthy remote). Six hours from El Paso and seven hours from Austin. We only learned of Big Bend through a Google search that went something like “best things to see in West Texas” – a pretty standard search that has thrown my Google news feed algorithm entirely out of… Continue reading Getting to Big Bend

Sea Life

One morning, after Hurricane Eta shifted direction, and the waves settled to their regular ocean wavey-ness, the stingray ray arrived. They’re as plentiful as midwestern squirrels and just as friendly. Stingrays are mostly solitary creatures, but this variety is like toddlers on a soccer field or middle schoolers at lunch. They bunch up and flap… Continue reading Sea Life


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