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Last Day Santa Fe

On Mother’s Day, we ate lunch on a cobblestone alley at a cafe in Taos, NM – next to artist shops, a bookstore where Lucy bought a book that came with a dragon tooth (or a dragon tooth that came with a book), and a place that sold rocks (there are a lot of places…

The Playlist

Posting about California is next, but I want to break up those two magic months into smaller posts. Before I do, how about a musical interlude? I still have the first CD I ever burned. It was late, we were at this kid Jonas’s house. Love for Radiohead and Weezer started with this disc. 90s…

Saguaro National Park

The drive from Las Cruces to Oceanside was too great to make in one day, so we camped one night in the stunning Saguaro National Park outside Tucson, AZ. We initially didn’t get the pronunciation correct. Sa Gar O isn’t right and sounds terrible with my nasally midwestern accent. Suh Waa Row. It’s a nice word, give…

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